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Why does God hate me?

Posted by ME at March 28, 2011
Tags: 2011 March  Philosophical

I feel like the past 4 years God has been using me like a piece of tissue to wipe his ass crack. Why? I didn't do anything to him. In fact, all I did was try to make good decisions, and keep my head up when ish came my way, and keep my eyes on the prize when people were trying to push me down, and even just be a good person and treat people well. But person after person seemingly randomly out of thin air just comes along trying to shit on me like I did something to them. I try to make moves and they go nowhere. When life just feels like too much I just try to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and eventually I may feel a little better, but the facts of life remain the same. People keep telling me that things will get better but then they don't. People keep telling me that I'll get this and that and the other thing or something great will happen or whatever, but it doesn't. I wish they would just shut the hell up with their prophesying I am sick to death of hearing about it. And no I can't be thankful or joyful, about the only thing I have to be thankful for is that I'm not homeless, and yes I do recognize that it could get worse, but it only seems like a ticking time bomb to me, not something to be joyful about. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. Although now I have come to realize that just because something bad happens doesn't mean I did something wrong. Okay, but to be kept down like this for so so long... what is that all about? I don't get it. As far as I see it, the rest of my life isn't going to be that great anyway, but could you at least allow me to function? Like a normal person? Why do you keep giving me shit?


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By anonymous at 06,Oct,12 20:37

I wish i knew why God allows so many bad things to happen to nice people. nice people who are gentle, kind, always helps others and never ever bully or mistreat others. the Devil is allowed to wrack havoc and pain on us. I just don't understand it at all. Also- why does God or the Devil allow always GOOD things for Bad people? Why can't the Devil and its horrible demons just go away from us all right now? Why can't GOD intervene and protect us all from all the suffering and bad luck we are having? I just don't understand it
By anonymous at 30,Nov,12 10:42

Because they are supposed to be enjoying the rest of their mortal lives so in the end they could burn in hell for eternity. While the faithful ones stick by god through the worst imaginable (do you even know the amount of suffering that man went through just to have our sins forgiven? : passion of the christ) so they could die and live an eternity in perfect bliss
By anonymous at 25,Apr,13 18:13 Fold Up

It's simple, God does not intervene in our lives. You can wish for it all you want but the fact is he doesn't cause good or bad to happen, he allows us to have free will, intervention completely contradicts free will.
By anonymous at 10,Sep,13 14:38 Fold Up

by anonymous 09,sept12
god loves everyone he hates the act of sin that's why we are separated from him but by having a relationship with Jesus who paid the price for our sins allows us the relationship with God and spend eternity with him in heaven Jesus can bring you peace if you let him and trust in him ask him for the forgiveness of your sins

By anonymous at 26,Dec,12 22:29

I went to school to be a massage therapist, found a shop in a mall, put all the money I had to my name to fix it up, after I was all set up, the manager of the mall who is 74 years old started hitting on me. He is vulgar and vile, and he touches me constantly. I complained to the owner of the mall, he did nothing. I went to the police, so the owner of the mall got pissed off and doubled my rent. Now I cant afford to stay there. So guess what? The old pervert wins. I asked God to help me, but since its obvious He hates me, I dont expect Him to help me. All I can do is keep trying until I die. It wont do any good of course because when God hates you theres no use in hoping for better. I tried all the positive thinking bullshit, and thats all it is, BULL SHIT! God blesses who He wants and Curses who He wants. I knew I was cursed since second grade, I just knew I was. And my life has sucked for 44 years now. I hope for only one thing these days, that when this bullshit life is over, I will no longer exist. Im tired of being Gods punching bag. And when my parents die if Im still alive Im going to kill myself. I wont do it until then because I dont want to hurt them, but I will be free when they die.
By anonymous at 02,Mar,13 23:29

God doesn't want that. Wife left 3 years ago. Kids don't call. Friends moved. Last month hundreds now thousands on car repairs, no money, stuck in an economic disaster of a state city. Today the hood flew up and cracked the windshield. Looks like god doesn't care. Their is no magic Jesus to fix our earth problems. God is not an ATM machine, god is here for our eternal souls. Call a suicide line. Having known suicide victims, you will leave someone broken hearted. Life is painful but the sun will shine one day. Stick around for that moment. God is good all the time, we just have to wait for our moment.
By BeaverCleaver at 17,Jul,13 00:03 Fold Up

I know what you are saying, I feel the same way. I have a 4 yr degree in accounting but am currently unemployed because I left my last job as my boss was bi-polar and continually harassed me. HR was involved but sided with him. I asked God for help but got nothing, so after 14 months of dealing with it I quit thinking God would provide another job around the corner. I pray, asking God for His intervening and I get nothing! To top it off, when I was 16 yrs old I came down with Type 1 diabetes, something told me then to end my life but I didn't; then when I was 22 I developed a severe hearing loss so now wear hearing aids, which limits what jobs I can do. I say, "Gee God, if dealing with diabetes is not enough, I have to deal with deafness now too!". No healing like the Bible says, "He heals all our diseases...". I have a wife and 4 children, no job, no health insurance, pretty much no future; what I am do to. I should have ended my life when I was 16...

By anonymous at 06,Jun,13 19:32

my supervisor is the meanest person on the face of this earth and no I am NOT racist but for some reason African American women feel like if they have something better than someone else then they have to Flaunt it and throw it in your face and rub it in like pure s*** . They give her the title supervisor and she turns right into the h.b.i.c. she will tell you to do something one day and another day you may do that same thing on your own and she will have the nerve to get in your face yelling and screaming saying don't you ever undermine me. I just look at her like she's retarded and that really pissed her off! I want to quit but I have to feed a family, I want her to fire me but she's not going to because she know I will get unemployment.I come home sometimes and just want to break down and cry but i dont. I come home yelling at my husband like he did something wrong and this is causing confusion in my house(not good).
By anonymous at 27,Jun,13 05:21

wait till you get a gay boss and you a married man.
they all say one thing and do another
By anonymous at 06,Jul,13 19:41 Fold Up

Her being unprofessional and downright mean has nothing to do with her race. That is purely of her own self. She does not represent an entire nationality of women. I'm sorry you are experiencing that and it is quite unfair. I heard long ago that someone cannot do something to you that has not already been done to them. That is the behavior she once received and that is the behavior she feels she can now direct towards someone else. Do not let her disrupt your home or your marriage.

By anonymous at 06,Jul,13 19:37

I don't know why God doesn't help me get a job. I graduated from college with a BA in Management and a 3.98 meaning I put my all in what I do. I have applied to over 400 positions and have had about 8 interviews and still not job. My mortgage is 2 months behind. My car insurance is about to expire. I just recently had to get on food stamps. I can't pay my utilities. All my bill are 3 months late. I didn't try to succeed by stepping on people or lying. I went to college and am now in over 30K in debt and no job prospects in sight. I graduate 1 year ago and the best I could get was a job taking care of special need high school students. I change diapers and get spit on and feed children for 9.33 an hour and when school is out I don't even get unemployment. My vehicle barely wants to start and the only places I go is to church on Sat. Sun, Tues., and Weds. and to the store and library. I have not been in a relationship in over 5 years so no sinning against my body. I don't do drugs, smoke, or drink. I take care of my children (was married 10 years ago) and live an honest life. Why am I such a piece of dirt to God? Why can't he give me a job that will support my family? I am college educated and all he wants me to do is clean butts and change diapers? I am qualified for more and that job I had did not support my family. What does God want from me? I'm about ready to stop going to church and believing. I've been a Christian for over half my life and all God does is allow me to get kicked in the teeth. All I want is to earn a living. I don't want any handouts, all I want is a means to support myself. I just want a doggone job!
By anonymous at 16,Jul,13 21:46

god only helps rich people and bad people if you really look at life he will let a drug attic get high and help him get up and rob beat and cheat old people to get high again rich people he just hands more of what they don't need and that's money my life sucks itself right now the harder i try the worse it gets i have begged god for help and i just get shit on over and over but i was told that my hard life will get me into heaven faster than a rich person will so i look at it this way when i die hope it will be soon i will be better off i have a crappy job myself i work my ass off while my coworkers stand around and do as little as they can and they get patted on the back and i get jumped on for working hard it doesn't seem fair but in god's eyes i will get my reward in the end so you got to look at it this god is just laughing at people like us he sets people paths in life some will have a good life others will have a crappy life you seem to be a good person but god gave you the path of crap like me

By anonymous at 21,Jul,13 17:54

I've read this whole thing and WOW. Didn't realize I was not the only one. I don't think there is a god. I don't. I think there are rotten people and when we try to be good we get screwed by rotten people so I say F it and just do whatever you have to to survive. Nothing ever really gets better because there are too many horrible people out there. Did you know that 87% of all CEO's, police chiefs, administrative heads and so forth are psychopaths? This country APPRECIATES people like Ted Bundy and Ed Gein. I mean really, do you think those names would be embedded in our memories if we hadn't heard about it day in and day out for YEARS? Because the public couldn't get enough of it. Bundy was getting love letters from women all over the country! This country is filled with sick minded psychopaths and people like Ted Bundy help them live out their own fantasies of torturing and murdering people. The American public LOVES IT! They like to torture us because they are SICK! And the media is right there to blame the victims. I say the best thing that nature (not god because there isn't one) could do for all of us is erupt the Yellowstone Caldera full scale and destroy this country (preferably the entire world) before it's too late. It's way past time for something like that I think.

By anonymous at 31,Jul,13 01:31

I have read some of the comments on here. It is funny how people say they have been bullied, yet are bullying a 17yr old on here. Let me tell you yes life sucks I know from personal experience. I can tell you that from
My life I had went through more things in life at 15 then most adults see today. I am no longer 15, but almost 3 times that... Life has not been easy for me, but I choose to not be a victim of life. God doesn't say have faith in me and all will be great. That is false teaching, he tells up that life will not be easy in fact it will be hard. Because of our faith we will face what some will never face. Will all faith believers no is there a reason I think not. Why does a baby get cancer or a mother die leaving babies at home with an abusive parent. We will never know. But what we do know is that because Christ died for us and took all our sins we have the promise of eternal life. We don't know when it will happen. But that is all the promises he says.
By anonymous at 05,Aug,13 16:08

i have been told all my life that god will take care of things i am still waiting oh i forgot he will take of things at the end of my life he will take and take from you give you a hard life but they say he loves you uncondistionly he will give you more than you can handle to the point of ending your life but he wants you to love him back no matter what you know it's funny bad people just keep going and going rich people will just keep getting richer by ripping poor people off then god said in the bible that man will turn his back on him gee i wonder why he give's you hell and he comands love and respet for him i did not ask to be here but i am i did a few bad things in my life but not as bad as a drug dealer or a drug adict or a person thats rippes people to get money or a drunk driver that kills someone by the way the bible was wrtten 100 years after the death of jeus did they get it right then 250 years ago the bible was written in english by a bunch of people purentins i know did they put their own selfrightes on it to suit them and their own thinking and way of life yours truley Edward

By anonymous at 21,Aug,13 02:04

I don't know anything about this site, yet, but I do wonder what the fuck made God hate me so much! And I fucking hate God, too. Cruel Motherfucking asshole. Gives you something that you've always wanted? Fucking Bastard only gives it to me so that he can take it away! FUCK YOU TOO, You fcking mean cocksucker.

By anonymous at 04,Nov,13 12:16


By anonymous at 27,Dec,13 15:22

Sorry your life has been so bad; I feel the same way. Friends have betrayed me, my significant other went from being cool to fat, lazy, bald, broke, never wants sex, never wants to go anywhere or do anything. I haven't worked since my layoff in 2009. I'm so broke I can't even get a cup of coffee most days. If I need five things I have to pick which two or three I can afford this month. I want to get a financial plan going to pay off the house but can't get the SO on board, he'd rather piss away every cent we have on expensive breed dogs, so I guess I'll be living under a bridge in my old age. Hopefully I'll die before that. I have no hope for my future and no way to MAKE anyone hire me so it gets better-I even went back to school. This shit has been going on since 1998. I haven't seen my mother in over ten years, and can't afford to get her a plane ticket. Can't God find anyone else's life to ruin? Plenty of bankers and politicians deserve it.

By anonymous at 07,Jan,14 18:12

I honestly think God picks and chooses who he is going to help live an abundant life and the rest of us he just laughs at. I hate it when people say God love you. How? How the heck do they know that? And how could this all empowering Loving God mess up so many lives and say I love you my child? That is the biggest BS I have ever heard of in my life. I totally can't see myself believing in a God that constantly has put me down destroys my life at every turn he can. Slams every door. Opens a window only to slam that shut too. I asked him when I was younger for a boyfriend. My dad just died my mom had been gone for a few years. Yes, he answered my prayer so welcomingly with a man who physically and mentally abused me. Yep!! free will. There is no such thing as free will either. the only free will we have is that we can believe in him or not. Everything else he as planned right down to the dot!!! there is no changing it no adding to it nothing. We think we are making decisions but we aren't. Everything happens by his design. The saying Life is a Bitch and then you die. Is correct for so many of us. But the ones who he helps. The ones he keeps his promises too of an abundant life and a joyous life. That saying never utters their lips. They will be welcomed into heaven with open arms and the biggest mansions. Why? because He put us here to give us that abundant happy journey here on Earth. Yeah right for some of us but not all. And He picked those of us out before we were even born. The rest of us... well, they say he as a sense of humor.So I guess we are his laughing stock. We plead and beg for mercy,for abundance, for a happy life. Hahaha he goes I have my few chosen picked out... the rest of you are my puppets. I can't make everybody happy. I have to have some fun up here laughing at you idiots for begging pleading... people nothings going to happen but I do enjoy laughing at you when you do it.
So that's our loving caring no good god,for some of us not all, in a nut shell.

By Stephen McBride, at 24,Jan,14 20:15

Don't feel alone on that one. God evidently hates my fucking guts too. Almost committed suicide recently. Might try again soon!

By anonymous at 04,Apr,14 22:27

I hate my fucking life right now. I don't see how some are chosen to have such wonderful lives and the rest of us are left like abandon dogs. I pray everyday and non of my fucking prayers have been answered.god always tries to find ways to belittle me in front of people like I'm nothing but a piece of shit,yet I am to praise him FOR WHAT? for letting me cry myself to sleep every night and watch others around me have fun and a good life ,for giving me false hope,opening a door for me so he can slam it in my face. From taking things away from me that I worked like a dog to have. I love how the bible says pray and you shall receive BULLSHIT!!!!!

By anonymous at 30,Apr,14 16:44

God why would you allow children to come into this world with parents who have nothing to provide for them . For them to go without dude . So awesome
By anonymous at 29,May,14 20:57

God took my children away from me. I've never done anything to deserve it. No drugs. No violence. Never denied God. Nothing. At all. Why. Does. He. Hate. Me???
By anonymous at 13,Sep,14 11:49

there is no god just assholes to hurt us
By anonymous at 13,Sep,14 11:50

if there is a god he is a masicoste or how ever u spell it

By anonymous at 27,Jun,14 19:12


By anonymous at 01,Aug,14 01:41

you are right, because it is happenining to me too, i face same issue, any good chance i will have to get, god will put his power to take it from me, before i was love god, but now, i see it clearly, god hate me, as he hate you too, he don't diserve we love him or worship him, i am sorry because i was follow him, i am sorry because i was worship him, the point is after i left him till now, he follow me, he take everything away from me, i need solve him out of my life, i hate him, i hate god
By anonymous at 13,Sep,14 11:55

god never lets me get a living job, always makes me have to live in shit holes with scum of the earth neighbors. can fix my car and he wills it to break again keeping me in credit card debt to support my kids. what an asshole god. not to mention all the health problems on my children. I can see now instead of treating other people nice all my life I should have been an asshole to people. I guess that's what it takes to get good paying job and nice home and healthing family

By tmd at 13,Sep,14 23:46

No job, no money no car, no home, daughter with mental issues, hit by her, called names by her. I have really tried to believe god would help me, but every chance I get ends up slammed in my face. Seems only a select few get any type of blessings. Yes I feel like I am just a joke to him. I am on the verge if thinking it's all just something created to scare ppl to be good. So so tired of it all. Desperately need a break. If there is a god, can you please help me and my family. I am to tired and too old to keep this up.

By anonymous at 23,Sep,14 03:50

I have tried and tried to live life to the fullest yet I keep having bad luck and it doesn't get better just gets worst for me I have thought about killing myself because life sucks for me an it's so much better for everyone else yet I'm nice to ppl and I don't come first but why me, I only want to have a job and make money yet no one hires me and I don't know why and it makes me so depressed and all I want to do is say fuck it I'm gonna stay home every single day bc my life is shitty and why am I still alive and not dead

By anonymous at 21,Oct,14 06:34

Why am I alive? Really WHy??

By anonymous at 06,Nov,14 18:53

I'm the model citizen for his holiness.....yet he has fucked up every single nice thing that happened to me in the past 6years. I had the love of my life for 8 months and there was not a hair of drama and one night she breaks up with me.....i had to drive her home the next day in tears. I had a VW Jetta 99 and it had only 56 k on it when I got it.............a month later the fuel pump went out over heated....nothing but problems since . Just sold it and got a 02 Chevy s 10 46k only had it a month, the spare was dry Rotted, looked like it was struck by lightning. And the cab roof started leaking today...showed up soaked at work and on top of that my computer broke yesterday and on top of that I haven't seen a v***** since 2009 and now I'm pissed. I hate this fucking phone I'm using too
By timmy at 19,Nov,14 13:08

sounds like your a closet homosexual, just like the infamous GROCERY BAGGING COCK SUCKER!!Why don't you give up on women and practice cunnilingus on stray dogs. You should be used to that since you chewed on your ugly ass mothers vag until she made you quit when you came on her sheets. Anyhoo.... Best of luck to you faggot.

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