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Posted by Dreamless at December 12, 2009
Tags: December 2009  Philosophical

I feel like shit and I look like shit. I have no dreams and I love no one. What i'm i doing i have a perpis? I'm not saying my life sucks, I'm just saying...WHAT THE HELL?! No matter what I do, it doesn't seem to matter, I can't look pleasing. All the losers like me, and I have NO CRUSH...not even "oh he's cute" NO! I'm not aiming to do anyhting, but sure I have a plan. Go to university, become a highschool teacher, maybe have some kids, and die. I have good grades, mostly A's, some B's, no C's or below. Ok so my life isn't that bad and I acually aiming to have some kids, but I cry almost every day because a life without love is no love at all. Sur my parents love me, but I need true love. That is my story.


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By anonymous at 15,Dec,09 11:47

have you ever woke up and realized that you have nothing? that everything and everyone you thought you knew wasnt real, or didn't exsist? or you just don't care. you cut to get rid of all the pain, but after a whle, that doesn't help anymore. the person that you thought you loved belongs to one of your friends, but you dont want to tell because all you care about is if they're happy, and you feel that your feelings dont matter? when you have no-one, and everyone hates you, but they don't act like it. when all you want is to die, but you cant. When life hates you just as much as you hate it
By anonymous at 08,Jan,10 03:11

shut the fuck up
go die

By anonymous at 15,Dec,09 12:31

Be thankful that you have parents who love you. If you look all over this website, there are kids who come on here ALL the damn time whining about their step fathers or mothers beating them and talking trash and crushing their dreams. is that case with you? No. I SURE as hell that they wish they were in your shoes and would give ANYTHING to have TWO loving parents like you do.

If you have no dreams, then start looking for one. what do you enjoy the most? what are your hobbies. get on the dain internet and look up careers, see which one fits you.

All the losers like you? what is that suppose to mean? at least somebody does like you and at least they are willing to even look at you. I think this whole problem is the attitude that you have. its like you only want certain people in life.

You have good grades. thats a BIG accomplishment. be proud of those grades and those grades will carry you to places.

True love, true love, your parent's love is not enough, you need a true love. Do you even know what that is? youre still in baby school, you are young, you need to give yourself time. you act like its the end of the world. and why should any girl come into your life when you don't even have the confidence for yourself?

By anonymous at 18,Dec,09 02:17

My opinion: grow up and get a life. Your negativity is the problem. "All the losers like me?" Take a long look in the mirror. Realize this: you're not special. You don't deserve to be liked romantically or otherwise. You earn it.

By Gabby-Abby at 24,Dec,09 22:36

Omg...losers like me, too! I hate that so much. I have no love also, so there seems to be no point in life. I hope someone will love me and ask me out and my parents won't know (because they wont let me go out with guys) and I could have a nice year or two with an awesome guy who's not just using me like guys do to my sister. She's pretty, and she's skinny, but has breasts that are big (which I'm developing also...) and they love her, but that's just 1% why they go out with her... :( I need someone 2... D:
By anonymous at 21,Sep,10 13:05

your right, most everyone is only attracted sexually to one another. I have girls that want me only cause the way I look, they're all fake, all they want is sex. It's very rare to find someone who actually cares and doesn't try to fornicate you. Also your not a loser, God loves you more than anything. Learn to love Jesus and you'll find yourself satisfied without a boyfriend, parties and all the crap, it's all pressure from the media. They want you to live like you see on TV, there is a big truth out there while 97% of people are imprisoned in their minds.

By anonymous at 28,Dec,09 21:11

yeah im 30 and never had love, wont either, so no kids..whatev.
By anonymous at 31,Dec,09 20:41

wow you need help im only 13 but im not going to do what you did although your right about the kids

By anonymous at 08,Jan,10 03:14

quit complainnig
By God at 07,Jun,10 18:48

This is God from thy future.
I have bestowed from the Heavens to find this douche-baggitry being commited?

Thou shall feel Satan's Fury in thy buttocks when thy drops thy soap.

May your soul and thy buttocks be cleansed with Satan's unholy fury.

By anonymous at 21,Sep,10 12:59

DON'T WORRY ABOUT LOVE, you are pressured to love and have sex. Don't worry trust God and you'll be fine. Look at the guy with no arms and no legs, he's happier than ever.

By anonymous at 21,Sep,10 13:11

all the losers like you, what makes them losers. Do you think they call themselves losers. I'd really hang with the "losers" before I'd talk to the popular fucks. The popular people are the worst they're the ones that are most brainwashed slaves. You are getting pressured by the media to be a certain person. Want some real advice? Don't talk to people, and per-sue Jesus Christ. You said you cry because your not in love, even if you were you would still be empty without the lord. You shouldn't fall in love just yet, learn to love God before man.

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