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life sucks

Posted by sharkey1314 at December 10, 2009
Tags: December 2009  Philosophical

Seems like boredoom has found my way here. My story may not sounds like it sucks or pathetic like the rest of them here, but i feel that my life sucks. Although i have all the basic things in life ( food,housing,allowances), i still feel sad. Everyday, i would wake up so late in the afternoon and straight away i would play computer games. Its like i got no life. People tell me how smart i am but i see little hope in my future. Its like so dim and i cant probably be rich in the future. I don't even have an idea as to how i am able to earn so much. I do average in my exams, passing most of it. I self-assured myself by telling me that i only studied the night before and its alright to score that low. I have friends in school but they don't contact mi often especially during holidays, i feel like i broke off from the real world... into the virtual world i am in now. I play computer games from the time i woke up and until past midnight maybe 3am or 4am. I feel that i got no life and no aim. There's a blackhole in me and i cant stop it sucking everything into it, dissapearing forever. Everytime i think about school, i felt so depressed. Homework is piling up like a mountain and there is no end to it. I don't even feel like starting on it. I consider to start a blog to rant about my boring life but motivation just stops there. I think about my future, what would i become and what childhood memories will i remember? Computer games? Those rounds i played with random people? Could i even remember happy times at all? I doubt so. Maybe there isn't any happy moments in my life. Maybe there is but i don't feel happy. I can only remember myself being avoided and emo'ing at one corner. Most of my classmates don't talk to me. I am known as the cyber-warrior in cyberworld, wasting all my life there and achieving nothing in reality. This routine cant stop and the holiday is coming to an end. Then the boring routine starts again. School and such. I am just such a failure.
Currently i type all this just to waste my time instead of wasting it playing computer games. Even i felt boring and pointless to play any games now. I seems to lose all motivation in life and feel like just dying. But my brain tells me to live on and carry on this sad life where there is no point in everything i do. Ok bye. Helps me to reflect all i have done.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 10,Dec,09 14:39

there's nothing wrong with playing games. but finding something else that fulfills you, since it seems gaming does not, will help a lot.

By anonymous at 10,Dec,09 16:39

1 thing that sux is that i breathed mineral wool, fuck
By Rocky at 22,Dec,09 18:17

I want to understand better what you mean by 'mineral wool'. Is it like asbestos? Are you permanently scarred by particles of the material in your lungs? How does it affect you, are you suffering the effects of it now or does it hang over you like a death sentence?

By anonymous at 10,Dec,09 21:44



Live this life as a dream.. like all the trivial things like school marks education are just trivial bullshit like things you experience in a dream..

Why do we study? To earn money. Thats it. There is no other reason. Why make a big deal out of it. If you enjoy video games play them if you get bored watch TV if you are bored of them both do something else drink coffee wine try drugs whatever..

if you are bored of all that go outside in a park or go on a hike alone..or just go out few blows for a don't need friends for that shit...

Enjoy life.. small things like good food.. drink... like make a routine of the exact time in a winter morning/night when you gonna drink coffee or wine or tea and savour that moment.. thats what i do to enjoy life..

i dont care about the future.. what if there is no future and i may die soon? Why worry about something that hasnt even happened...

By anonymous at 10,Dec,09 23:00

Seek GOD

By anonymous at 11,Dec,09 02:01 - there are REAL answers!
By Rocky at 22,Dec,09 18:54

I hope that there will be no proselytizing by Mormons; people need to trust someone as a true friend before they accept as an answer to their problems, a concept as mystical as God. Even the missionaries realized that people had to be fed and treated with medicine in order to build a foundation of trust and friendship before they could be introduced to the idea of a loving and caring God. Yes, I believe that Christ was the Son of God and that he ransomed us from sin and it's consequences. But, we share in the sufferings of Christ in an imperfect world, and true happiness awaits us in Heaven. This life will be hard, and lonely, and unfulfilling at times. We need to seek the best in ourselves, realizing that we are the highest order of creation, that we were created with purpose and out of love; that we have a will, a conscience, and a soul. Christ awaits the invitation into our souls so that He can fill that void with Himself. We are not animals, we were created in the image and likeness of God, and He calls all races and religions to honor Him through His Son.

By anonymous at 11,Dec,09 23:11

you took the words right from my mouth...

By anonymous at 12,Dec,09 21:08

Are this comments even real? He wrote this December 10 and somehow you guys wrote this a day before...what the hell?! Anyways, I know what you mean I use to do the same thing, I'm not bullshitting you, I was a loser. I moved and things started to seem better, you know like a new start. Anyways, I'm not popular in this school but hell, I'm better compared to what I use to be. I don't play sports, but somehow I'm fit...and I'm getting better grades, got 100 percent on my report card so that's good. I'm not trying to brag and I'm noy telling you to move, all I'm saying is that you have to do something with you life! Get a job, join a club or sport, ANYTHING!
By anonymous at 12,Dec,09 21:10

Sorry, never mind with "are this real comments" the date wrong..ha ha ha.

By anonymous at 15,Dec,09 12:59

I don't care what anybody says, i'm almost 24 college female and i play video games every chance i get. I've been playing video games ever since i was 13 years old and i will never stop playing them until the day i die. It is MY hobby that I enjoy and if people don't like it, oh well!

Video games to me are a lifesaver becuase it takes me away from the problems of this pathetic world. games make me laugh, make me daydream, they occupy me. How can you not have a life? you should get up and fill up that day with things you love to do.

Doing drugs, selling drugs, pointing guns to people's heads and being invovled and influenced with the wrong crowd, that sounds like someone who doesnt have a life. instead they are on the streets spreading terror doing NOTHING valuable with their life, wasting their freedom that this country has given them since birth. They are what i call Local Terrorist and fist-class idiots.

But YOU, you do have a life, you're in college and youre trying to make something of yourself. youre working hard to try to make your life in the future better than what it is now. but i know exactly how you feel. Sometimes going to college just seems like forever. its REALLY hard to keep pushing yourself foward, completing ALL those 60+ classes with thousands of dollars to pay back.

If homework is piling up, maybe you should consider dropping some classes. spread them out in the semester. like for example, In the spring, only take three, then in the summer, maybe take one or two, then during the fall, take three more.

By Nelle at 16,Apr,11 00:22

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