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My dads an asshole

Posted by Steven at February 5, 2011
Tags: Family  2011 February  Stepmom

Ok, for starters my parents got a divorce because my dad is such an ass. Back when they were together they would always fight about some shit he did, all he would ever do is sit on his ass or go out in the garage and get high with his friends.

Now his with this horrible lady who is a complete whore to start out with, she has had 3 husbands my dad is her 4th, she already cheated on him but hes such a pussy that he married her. Shes one of my good friends moms, and hes a great guy other than being suicidal because shes such a bitch.

Now my dad is a huge hipocritic fuck and whenever im around him he has to be a dick. For example everytime I see him he makes fun of me and tells me whats wrong with me, i cant remember the last time he complimented me, on ocation the prick will actually hit me, oh and btw his wife threatened to stab me in my sleep because i didnt let our dogs out, she said this to his face. This all got so bad that I contimplated suicide and killing them, but I decided to run away from home one day, my step mom ran outside to yell at me but i gave her the finger and just walked off to my moms house. Now i live with her and shes a really nice person but ever weekend i have to go to my dads and listen to his racist comments, have him degrade me, and hear him and his wife point out flaws in everything they see.

I know most of you out there have worse stories than me but i just thought i should write this to encourage people to keep pushing on until you find a way out of what ever kind of bad relationship your in and to keep your head up.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 06,Mar,13 05:45

I love my dady
By anonymous at 12,Aug,13 19:52

You'll realize soon enough

By anonymous at 06,Mar,13 05:45

I love my dady

By anonymous at 13,Jul,13 06:50

my dad is a fucking bastard!
he is a liar, a degenerate shit, violent, abusive, son of a bitch!
This master fuck actually thinks he's like the king of the universe. Truth is he has no friends and is completely disconnected from society. He degrades my mother, makes her feel as she must stay with him. He's a manipulative bastard. He is a stingy rich son of a shit. Spends his money in Cuba with fucking whores and brags about wanting to leave us. This shittless shit face, plays the victim. He used to beat us up, me and my three brothers. I never lifted a finger on him. I think it would make me worse. I can't even talk to the shit. I just wouldn't know what to say. But the bastard, he's gone so unpunished for the shit that he's done. I left my home 8 years ago, and I keep finding shit about this abortion of a man. I also keep dreaming about the useless shithead. He influences me and my behavior. I am always double guessing myself and I have shit people's skills. Thanks you fuck face!
All that I think to know, that I learned from him is shit. So I have to negate my instincts and I absolutely have no fucking frame of reference for what I do. Zero role models. Doubting everybody, always doubting myself. This son of a bitch!
How could he warn us to respect our mother when he was cheating on her at the time. This ignorant piece of shit. He never really did anything to any real depth. Skin-deep knowledge and self-made morals. He is like Hitler for fuck sake. BANG! if it was that simple, I would have made him disappear from the face of the earth, without giving it to much thought, like flushing the toilet after taking a dump.
Down you go piece of shit!

By anonymous at 12,Aug,13 19:50

Man, I'm sorry... I hope he would burn in hell along with his bitch. dads are complete assholes arnt they... my dad always lets me down says the bad sides of me, never the good ones always ignores me but be a dog to other members of my family. the son of a bitch always pretends he's strong to weaker people than him and he is pointlessly weak to people who are stronger than him. Because he knows I can't do anything to him, he always attack my weak points, says all my ideas are stupid and once again, just completely ignores me.I know your bitchass stepmom and the drunkass dad is worse, I hope they rot in hell along with my dad.

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