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i hope its just my teen years

Posted by deadkytwinkie23 at December 8, 2009
Tags: December 2009  Family  Juvenile problems

ok well i guess my life is not as bad as sum but i saw that every one ealse wrote there story i should give it a go aswell . As u can see in my tittle i am a teen , infact im 16 but life still sucks on a whole nother leavel ..hmmmm.. lets start out with my family. Mother a sucidle deppressed bipolor mother who is married to my father for the time being who is a tottle drug abouser [ i found that out at 6 whene mom told me]i used to live in a nice small counry willage type deal for about 6 years . That the longest time i have ever spent liveing in a single home becouse my father seems to think that haveing a house to live in with my fqamily [ witch is my parnets and 2 brothers one older and one younger we will get to them later] i tend to jump from house to motel room to house . As i got older my dad didnt think it matter wither or not he would try and hide is problem any more aroud the age of 10 i saw him snort pain killers and smoke weed. He was never sober long enuf for me to tell him that oneof his best freinds was geting a little to freindly with him withch now leds to me not only feelin like a freak but haveing a fetsh for older men witch would lead a man to geting a little to friendly to me agian . it really is fucked up how something can happen to you whene you are so young and affect your whole life years latter . i guess it only gets better the fact this man i have to see him more often i would like , he still looks at me weired and touches me weired but what can i do i cant tell my mom becouse she will FREAK! with a captil "F" and my dad would never beleave me he would probly call me a stupied slut and tell me never to talk to him agian something crazy and uncalled for like that . anyways like i said i have 2 borthers the oldest is just like my father but with a worse temper and the youngest well i wouldnt call him mentaly ill just that hes not aaaasss smart as he should be but he means well even though he does have a temper but hes the baby so hes spoiled and i love him . i have saved him form geting hit from a car him almost drowning goting into 2 comas [ he has sezours { sp }] ummm wat ealse OH im over wait and go to an altertive school becouse i was picked on so bad on time that one of the kids thought that chucking rocks at the emo fat chic was the hostpital for 2 weeks and had something like 22 stitches oh ya and they had to shave my head.. ant that just dandy .. but like most ppl who have sucky lives i live on my computer going onto my IMVU witch at the momment is not working and im about 5 mins for a mental brake down gonna go sorry about spellin and being all winny and sry if think my life is golden and i dont i dont mean to think my life sucks i just do i guess sence im emo and i hate life


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New Comment

By robbie at 08,Dec,09 23:30

you have a right to think that it sucks. and from the sound of it, it does. I hope something comes along or happens different so that you don't have to be 'touched' anymore. Fuck that guy and I hope he gets hit by a car.

By anonymous at 09,Dec,09 01:21

You have a tough road. please,find YOUR strength, from within - whether it is from God, which it sounds like you have not been introduced, but you don't have to be. . it is the strength of your soul, your being, of what is right and wrong that makes you want to FIGHT for what is GOOD FOR YOU. DON'T COWAR DOWN. Tell the MF's what you think - your father your mother the fucking freak that is way off base, call the police if you have to. YOU DESERVE BETTER. listen to your soul, your heart, what makes you who you and fight with all your might to make your life the life you want, the one that is worth living. you were handed a nasty deck of cards, but they are the problems of those you speak of - your dad has to deal with his drug problem, and if you bring it to his attention, maybe he will be a man and punch the fcker out he calls his friend, who isn't and don't protect your mom, it is HER JOB TO PROTECT YOU. you are a kid, stop trying to protect adults. you are taking on too much. TELL THEM HOW YOU FEEL. if they don't like it work the hell as hard as you can to get out and make a happy life for yourself. your weight is a byproduct of your parents not taking care of you and teaching you how to take care of yourself. evidently, you have to be the grownup at a young age. unfortunately, you will have to grow up fast to survive. Please, if you cannot do it, go to a church or find someone in your community, a mom of a friend, who you can gain strength from. LOVE.

By anonymous at 11,Dec,09 00:05

thats one should ever have to live like that. your little brother deserves a better life, and so do you.
who care if other teens make fun of you. there jealous. teens only talk bad about other teens when they have issues of their own. you should seek counciling. i did and it really worked for me. sometimes you just need someone to talk to.

By Janine at 24,May,16 19:41

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