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open book or open casket ?

Posted by ode to solitude and change at February 3, 2011
Tags: Death  Family  2011 February  Money  Poverty  Unemployment

hmmmmmmmmmmmm...... Stumbled upon this site randomly...Ill start with me being recently turned 27 year old male. i live in a middle/lower class neighbourhood in a province of Canada. I was born a bastard child to a father who would rather be high and in jail for growing dope then see me. That's easy to get over i suppose... my mother was ALWAYS working either at 7-11 or waiting tables. i had one sister who ran away when i was eight ( she was sixteen ) because she didn't want to stay home and babysit me ( my moms mess ). she left, she ended up pregnant and then violently murdered by a crack head who wanted to rob her and her Bf, that left my nephew alone in a blood soaked apartment until he wandered down the hooker filled street to a store at which point the police were called and brought to the murder scene.... my father came into my life at this point just to die of liver cancer... i never got to know him.... i tried getting to know his family, they can't be bothered to talk to me, or invite me to dinners... I guess im just suppose to know my place in life and suck the fat out of the steel and deal with it! i got into drugs for a few years, my only friends at the time only did E and drank.... people didn't know how to talk to one tried.... so i lived on a shit street filled with crack and hookers and olde english bottles with my starving mom and motherless nephew who we adopted... i did try hard to get my life going, i finished high school and got my diploma and went to culinary school. too bad the school i picked had a shitty reputation and anyone near my city doesnt want graduates from that school.! so now i have student debt, no job, an angry mother who is bitter with the world and depressed nephew with no family, i even added family to my facebook that they accepted then rejected almost instantly.... oh lord how i tried....


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By anonymous at 02,Mar,11 07:49

You have my empathy, bro. Just wanted to say giving that I'm live in middle east and would like to immigrate to Canada to get a little of peace of mind in my live, I'd kill to be in your situation, at least you are not in a war zone. Still, I wish you get you life together and gets going. All the best.

By anonymous at 02,Mar,11 09:49

sorry dude that sux....... Please realize that your nephew needs you. I was treated like shit by my dad too and havent spoken to him in years. You can be the father to your nephew tht you never had.
I like the quote «to the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.»

By anonymous at 18,Apr,11 18:04

Is your dad Ricky from Trailer Park Boys by any chance. That sounds like him.

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