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Posted by hatemymomanddad at December 16, 2010
Tags: Anger  2010 December  Juvenile problems

I fucken hate those stupid mother fuckin cunts. Stupid son of fucken bitch. I want them to fucken die stupid donkey dicks. Stupid mother fuckin prostitute has no fucken means once so ever! I wish they go and fuck themselves. STUPID MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate them with a deep fuckin passion. Stupid dusce bags they fuck my life up. Stupid homos. I freckin kiss the fuckin floor they walk on and I fuckin get yelled at for this what the fuck fuck fuck de de fuck. I HATE THOSE STUPID FUCKEN HOMOS! The little cunts they fuckin are. STUPID ASSHOLES! CUNT! They fucked up again! Those stupid dam mother fuckin retards. They freakin have no clue one so ever. THEY FUCK MY LIFE UP! Stupid bloody fucken hoes. They fuckin don’t help me or fuckin support my those stupid freakin dicks. GOD DAM IT STUPID MOTHER FUCKIN HOES! Bitches they fuckin have no fuckin clue what they have done to me those stupid fucking assholes. Retarded cunts. they need to go fuckin die in a fuckin hole stupid mother and father fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CUNTS Those little bastards. BLOODY FUCKEN CUNTS THEY ARE I WANT THEM TO FUCKIN BURN IN HELL! DAM HOES! MY freakin mom is a fuckin whore and my dad is a fuckin angry ball of fuckin dick. SON OF GOD DAM BITCH! THEY WILL PAY FOR WHAT THEY FUCKIN DID STUPID dicks I HATE THEM SOOOOOOO FUCKIN BADLY THOSE STUPID GOD DAM CUNTS.THEy never TOOK ME TO FUCKIN SEE HIS GOD DAM PARENTS GRAVE STUPID MOTHER FUCKIN HOEI Fuckin hate those stupid ass dick. THEY NEVER FREAKIN LIKED MY UNCLE STUPID MOTHER FUCKING HOES! Stupid DIRTY PRICKS THOSE STUPID OBNIOUS MOTHER FUCKIN CUNTS . THEY CAN GO ROT IN FUCKIN GOD DAM HELL FOR ALL I FUCKIN CARE STUPID BLOODY FUCKIN DICKS.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 04,Jan,11 00:33 happened???
By anonymous at 04,Jan,11 19:37

Maybe they didn't let him play Call of Duty or something
By anonymous at 01,Jul,12 16:49


By B-Don at 04,Jan,11 18:25

The filthiest words I ever read. You need anger management dude. I pray for you. You have a lot of anger right now and though you may be feel hurt you must control your anger before you end up in a situation that might effect your freedom. Have a nice life pal.
By anonymous at 04,Jan,11 20:29

Or, maybe this dude just needed to vent some frustration. Sometimes venting can be therapeutic.
By anonymous at 20,Jan,11 00:51 Fold Up

What the fuck you balling about lollypop? No one forced you to read all of that, so go take a hike.

By anonymous at 21,Jan,11 13:36

Do you feel better now thats off your chest?

By anonymous at 10,Jun,11 03:48


By anonymous at 05,Jan,12 00:24

literally the negative comments can reflect on a persons doin! so listen n read u fuckers read right cus if this person wants to vent so be it life it is!!! quit tellin this person to fuck off persuade them to help themselves u fucken ignorant fucken negative ppl!! im goin thru same shit i believe u shld tell them fuckers to fuck off but its hard.... do for you and dont mind them if it dont matter or atleast try to think that way to get away from their bs!!!! so GOD help me pls as well!!!!

By anonymous at 20,Mar,12 20:53

Um no

By at 04,Apr,12 10:52

good show sir

By anonymous at 27,Oct,12 22:29


By anonymous at 12,Dec,12 19:37

Ragetastic. +1

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