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life is crazy

Posted by RD2010 at October 31, 2010
Tags: Loneliness  2010 October  Relationship

Hi, I'm tired of my life, it sucks. It's not really that my life sucks, but life, the way things work out sucks. I'm 29, blk male, a christian and I'm single. I've never been with a woman my entire adult life. I dont know if im attractive or not. Im skinny and have been all of my life, it's hard to gain weight, I never get compliments, i guess because women don't give guys compliments unless were really attractive. I don't have the best teeth either.

I had this one girl who was using me because I felt sorry for her. But she's a lesbian and I don't understand that at all. I met her a few years ago and she seemed like a nice person, it's like she wasn't deliberately using me, but she's never done a thing for me either. She told me she loved me but i think she said that because she was confused. She was raped before so i guess it's hard for her to be affectionate with guys. Which sucks because I feel like she was the one for me. It's hard because I don't want to know that she's found someone else. I kinda wish I never met her.

I don't work right now, I was laid off. But I'd rather be in love and be just making enough than to be successful and single.

I've been really depressed throughout most of my life so far. I believe in God and believe these are the last days. Sometimes I just wish this life was over because I can't go back and change anything in my life, and it all seems like it's gonna be down hill from here.

I'm sure other people are worse off than I am. I just wanted to share my story.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 07,Nov,10 09:48

You're way too young to give up. There are plenty of ugly men, they still get women. I'm not saying you're ugly, but, if you lowered your standards, you might just snag a girl. Best of luck.

By anonymous at 07,Nov,10 18:27

I related with every single damn word.

By anonymous at 07,Nov,10 22:08

Educate yourself with what you find enjoyment in...Look into your heart and live the true life you were meant to.You need to find fullfillmeant with who you are first. Change the things about you that you think you need to...Once you've become the best person you can be then you'll be able to get into positive relationships.Enrich yourself with positive people.Go to positive places.(explore new things) Good luck!

By anonymous at 08,Nov,10 04:33

Find a good dentist, fix your teeth. Find a good hooker. Ugly guys gets all the best looking chicks, look at all the ugly rock stars who date super-models.
By anonymous at 20,Nov,10 02:43


By anonymous at 08,Nov,10 23:06

GIRLS LOVE SKINNY GUYS... and yeah we dont compliment we just wouldnt do that.
By anonymous at 20,Nov,10 02:46

GIRLS LIKE $$$$$$$$$

they will stop at nothing to get it. Prostitutes are honest about their intentions at least. NO SURPRISES, service rendered : payment due : good bye and thank you!!!

By anonymous at 11,Nov,10 18:29

I agree with you on the part about it being better to have a woman and be barely getting by than be rich and single. My advice to you is to just keep looking for work and don't give up. I had a coworker in the Air Force once who was black and 37 and never had a girlfriend before. He was a good guy, but was a little ackward with Asperger's. He would drive 40 miles, in a foreign country, from home to go to church on base each Sunday. So you have some time before you are that guy.

By at 16,Apr,11 03:42

Kudos to you! I hadn't tohuhgt of that!

By at 16,Jun,11 23:38

I don't know if you all will read this, but thanks everyone for your replies. some of yall are crazy with the hooker/cash comments. I would never go that route. lol.

I was going through it and thought to come to this site again. I was never suicidal, but thanks for your concern. I just get so pessimistic with life sometimes, i just think nothing will get better, like we're on a decline.

Well im still single, i guess i gotta move somewhere else, because all girls i like are taken. Also since the last time, i found that the parents of the girl i was telling yall about moved a couple feet from my best friends house, so i sometimes have to see her whenever i go over there. It wouldn't be so hard, but she's model type, but she messes with the ugliest girls. I know im not really ugly, im just so slim that it's probably not attractive. i think my looks will start to show if i gained maybe 15 or 20 lbs. so im eating like crazy right now.

Sometimes I think that God is saving me for the right women, because a few people have told me that im too good of a guy. So thanks for your encouragement guys.

By awesome link building at 24,Sep,13 18:51

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