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Posted by anonymous at October 29, 2010
Tags: Family  Friendship  2010 October

I really don't know. My life sucks, badly. Let's start with family...none of them reallly care and I get ignored a lot, my brother tries to kill himself a lot and my other brother I never, ever see because him and my mum fell out. The rest of my family are ok, I just feel like they don't care, because they don't act it you know? Then let's start with friends. Friends are a load of SHIT! My best friend I met like 10/11 years ago has turned into a right slag and all she does it talk about herself, and everyone follows her around like she's it. I make new friends and suddenly have none, due to her. Also, I'm the 'nerdiest' girl and most 'ugly' girl in school. (I've been callled and named it a fair amount of times.) so in otherwords, I'm hated, bullied, laughed at and nobody takes notice. I had one boyfriend like 2 years ago and he did stuff to me I wasn't fine with. (I won't go in detail, but I hated him.) :( but I am still a virgin. I currently like this guy for 4 years, (began to love him) told him. A couple of months ago, he didn't like me one bit. Yes, I did cry...yes, I did try to kill myself, I mean, you wouldn't know how much I loved him. But he took everything as a joke and he took ME as a joke. Everything I ever have or get is taken or done better by someone else. Media skills (only skills I hve) - done better by my best friend. Boys- taken by friends. My life just, isn't mine anymore. I know I sound like a whiny little baby I just need to let it out to someone. I hate my life. Either end it or restart it. Ending seems like the best option up to now.


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By anonymous at 04,Nov,10 00:59

Unrequited love hurts like a fucking bitch, I know-- I've been through the same. But believe me: It's not your damn fault. If he was an ass (which it sounds like he is), then it's his loss. Keep your head up and show those motherfuckers they’ve got nothing on you.
And if you hurt yourself anymore, you won’t get an e-hug from me.


By anonymous at 04,Nov,10 23:23

You sound like a bright intelligent young lady to me. Don't let others have the satisfaction of putting you down! And don't let others define you! And as for having a boyfriend, do not compromise and settle for scum just because you want to have one. If only you study and concentrate more on getting good grades and stuff like that that actually matters, you will have a better life in the long-run. And beauty is fleeting! Love yourself and take care.

By anonymous at 07,Nov,10 23:03

First you need to be your own best friend.Second there's always going to be someone prettier and smarter than you.That's just how life is but that doesn't mean you just give up.All you need is a good friend or two and do fun stuff and laugh.Don't concentrate on the others so much.And the boys well hold your ground with them and don't allow any of them to ever touch you in a way that makes you feel terrible about yourself.Sex brings babies!Forget about the past and everyday make it your best!Also walk around with a smile on your face when you see kids in the hallway - they'll smile back - it'll show your friendly.You'll make new friends.Talk about positive things.Get into sports.Go for it!

By anonymous at 08,Dec,10 20:16

Everything I ever have or get is taken or done better by someone else... this says it all about me... one day we both will be number one in someones eyes

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