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Posted by nobody cares at October 27, 2010
Tags: Juvenile problems  2010 October

so just so you have an understanding of my life, couple weeks ago, when my life went from bad to hell. i was chased home by a pck of dogs, sucks right. So im running from dogs and i finally get home. Starts off like a freakin movie. I dont bother to tell my family, you would think that that would be a cool story to share, but my family doesnt give a shit, they would just say im lieing. so anyways i call my best friend, my only friend, to talk to him, see how things are going. Turns out my best bud, who i thought was ugly, but im a guy also and my opinon doesnt really matter, got a girlfriend. apparently she thinks im a creep, and doesnt want my friend to hang out with me, now that they're together, for her reputations sake. So what does he do, the bastard tells me that, then i laugh saying what are ya gonna do, thinking he would just dump her, we've been best friends for 6 years. The bastard 'dumps' me instead. I literally cried. I try to do things to distract me from my terrible life. But it makes it worse when my family makes fun of everything i try to do, because i 'suck' at it.


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By anonymous at 02,Nov,10 22:20

Pwn3d by a pack of dogs?
If it were me, those dogs would be served up by now in some small Chinese restaurant.
Pepper spray, a machete, and maybe a chainsaw will make quick work of an aggressive dog (unless you are just a wuss).
Also, real men do not cry... deal with your problems like an adult.
Quit being such a wuss and nobody will make fun of you.

By anonymous at 03,Nov,10 01:20

Hi. The problem is not you. It's them, your family sucks because they are dysfucntional and toxic. That's not the way to raise an emotionally healthy man. Don't believe in their stuff they are all psychologically ill and you are the functional one in your family. I know it because I went through that and have seen friends going through that also. Try to read about dysfunctional families and toxic parents online (for free) so you would understand they are the crazy ones. You are just a victim who has been too innocent and have believed the way they feel about you is the way you should feel about yourself that's a lie. They are all insecure people if they treat you like that. From now on don't value their opinions. They are all sick in their dysfucntional patterns and you are the only asne one in the family. That's why you feel so weird. Try to find yourself new friends or a grilfriend. Try online to buffer that insecurity.

By anonymous at 09,Nov,10 07:00

Try finding something you won't suck at. Try to love yourself. Don't mind others, there are lots of people in this lifetime, that are not worth our friendship, you can always find better people, who will appreciate you as the person you are.
Be strong!

By gregwiater at 18,Nov,10 07:54

Life sucks in this world... but all of this is our fault. We have allowed it. Of course it seems as if it would be easier to kill myself and escape this never ending suffering in this reality.
But how about if we change it so it doesn´t suck anymore???? If everybody who killed himself and who wants to kill himself/herself did something to change this world instead – it would be much much better already. Let´s unite and do something instead of committing suicide.
search on google for: EQUAL MONEY ORGANIZATION and DESTENI GROUP... and you will find help and practical solutions… you will also find me there on the forum under Greg and GregWiater

By buy cheap oem software at 09,Mar,12 02:21

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