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My tragic tale of woe

Posted by Gwenyth at October 26, 2010
Tags: Bad Luck  Money  2010 October  Relationship  Unemployment

When I was in college I got involved with the typical abusive, sexist frat boy type. Then end came after he lit my hair on fire.

Started dating a great guy, but then... after we'd met I watched a man get hit by a car going 50mph and held his hand while he died before the paramedics showed up. My apartment was broken into and ransacked. In the same year, 3 days before Christmas my wallet was stolen (the police found it months later in the home of a identity theif during a random parole search). So now I have to repeatedly and periodically check my credit report.

My 51 year-old father was diagnosed with emphysema and had heart failure, and when I went home to help care for him he passed out while we were talking, and I thought he'd died right in front of me. It took me years to shake that horrible feeling.

Lost my job and was unemployed for 8 months, used up all the money I'd saved up to by my first car on bills and food. At 23 I decided to go back to school and finish my undergrad, living off the pittance I received in financial aid since work was still non-existent. On top of dealing with all that, the fiancee and I being long distance for a year, and desipite being together for 6 years and being recently engaged, I said I wanted to take a break on wedding stuff (I was feeling pressured to get it planned and just felt it was poor timing with all I'd been through). He felt that I was "breaking up with him" and things spun out of control, frequent fights, and we really DID break up. I miss him every day.

I borrowed a car from a friend to run to the store one day and was hit by another car. The friend's car I'd borrowed was (unbeknownst to me) uninsured so even though the other guy hit me, I lost my license for a year. I was in a work related injury that resulted in my first-ever stitches when I sliced the palm of my hand open. Work made me stand at the front entrance (no chair because I hadn't injured my back) for two weeks straight rather than giving me time to heal and pay me workman's comp.

After that I swore off men, focused on school and have been struggling to do both work and school full-time, and barely getting by. This means I'm now 31, still have never owned a car, still single (feeling like the universe conspired to take the love of my life away from me). Oh and I haven't had sex in like 3 years, maybe longer, I've lost track.

By the way, if anyone has seen my keys, please let me know.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 28,Oct,10 21:39

=/ could always be worse, yes yes it could.

By anonymous at 29,Oct,10 05:37

Try no sex for over 7 yrs.....Swore off women....too self absorbed....Love doesn't exist, it's a lie....I'm sorry to read your entry...Good luck...You're a lady, You'll find someone eventually, I'm sure...I haven't seen your keys sorry...;) keep your head up...You survived a lot...It can only go up from now on, I hope! Take care!

By anonymous at 29,Oct,10 08:33

ill have sex with you with me up
By anonymous at 01,Nov,10 05:49

ha ha ha good one!!!

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