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Posted by anonymous at October 25, 2010
Tags: Juvenile problems  2010 October

Im 17 years old and have never had a real job every time ive been close to having a job theyve said i lack enthusiasm. i have i 15 year old girlfriend who i think i might be in love with, and i fear she'll leave me because i dont have a job. All my friends seem too have suddenly matured and can just get jobs simply. i feel tht if i were able to get a job things would change. Now reading this you may think, "its simple get a job and your problems will be over" only thats not the whole story. i have a voice in my head, a self critic if you will. It talks of my failures, of how im a failure and how i will always be one. this voice has only came about in the past few months when i started smoking cannabis,i also feel like everyone is talking about me behind my back about how im insane, and that some childhood friends hate me for no apparent reason. i get this when i drink and i get memorys that are'nt real but the voice keeps telling me they are. i stopped smoking and the voice became less frequent but it still creeps up now and again. it sapps my confidence and makes me lethargic. i hate the state im in but i cannot find the drive to get out of it. Im resonably intellegent and plan to persue further education in writing but i cannot get myself out of this rut. anybody else have these sort of problems?

p.s dont tell me im skitsophrenic. i know im not because i know the voice is not real, its just my subcouncious and a strong sense of anxiety and my insecurity. at least i hope it is....


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By anonymous at 27,Oct,10 04:13

that self critic is a bastard init, what i reckon is just before an interview is just do as much positive as possible, listen to music, ask your bird for a good luck fuck who knows, whatever, then to quote the line from COOL RUNNINGS " I'm a pride, i am power, i am 1 badass mofo who don't take shit from nobody"

By Ed at 28,Oct,10 15:10

Um...lay off the weed?

By anonymous at 29,Oct,10 01:37

U may have book sense...but ur lacking common sense.

By anonymous at 02,Nov,10 13:46

dude if weed didnt help just kill yourself

By anonymous at 02,Nov,10 21:36

Think you're so fucking miserable? At least you have friends, at least you have a girlfriend. Just keep trying to get a job, stop smoking weed, and get into college. You make me sick.

By anonymous at 05,Nov,10 10:38

Go to school, thats your first priority! And try to build your self-esteem, quit doing weed or any drug since once the pleasure stops, in comes more problems of being an addict!

By gregwiater at 18,Nov,10 07:58

Life sucks in this world... but all of this is our fault. We have allowed it. Of course it seems as if it would be easier to kill myself and escape this never ending suffering in this reality.
But how about if we change it so it doesn´t suck anymore???? If everybody who killed himself and who wants to kill himself/herself did something to change this world instead – it would be much much better already. Let´s unite and do something instead of committing suicide.
search on google for: EQUAL MONEY ORGANIZATION and DESTENI GROUP... and you will find help and practical solutions… you will also find me there on the forum under Greg and GregWiater

By Dolly at 26,Nov,11 12:42

Holy concise data bmaatn. Lol!

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