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No Talent, Ethnic Minority, Fat + Ugly and Worst of all Gold Digger

Posted by The Grey Area at October 23, 2010
Tags: 2010 October  Racial

I just need to get all this bullshit out, Please comment I need responses.

I am a Somalian, my mum worked so hard to give me and my 2 sisters everything, she is a great woman, she used to carry us in one of those bikes with a basket when we were babies, she didn't have a car, people used to throw abuse at her, I love my mum so much I would die for her, but she doesn't think that :( They are not only words.

my family is all I needed. My mum recently got together with a rich white man. We moved to a nice big house, nice cars.

At my high school people always take the piss because my mum married him, she says she loves him, but its weird, I always think she did it only for the money, so we could have a better standard of living, so that me and my siblings could be happy, I feel so guilty.

I don't get out much, my "close" friends (lol) barely talk to me, I stay at home 90% of the time, only going out for groceries or some form of clothes shopping, the only reason I have any friends is because of school, if there was no school I would never meet any1 or gain any skills.

Now my cousins from somalia, there mum died, they have lived in somalia all there lives, (no technology etc etc) so now they have to come live with us, fresh Somalians, they will be fascinated with all the technology etc and people will mock them, I can't say this to any1 because they will think I am a selfish bastard, but it is the ugly truth. They will never live happily or integrate well into British society and will live on some for of benefits in a shit hole somewhere and it will be my responsibility to look after them when my parents grow old!

Moreover I'm now in my last year of high school, underachieving and I met this girl I REALLY like though she is polish, and I am Somalian which is really weird because two of these ethnic minorities people will laugh so much at the though of this Somalian + Polish, not even in 2010, the St century is that even thinkable in this modern age.

I have never even been looked at by a girl lustfully, I dream of having a girl that loves me, But I am fuck ugly, a lil fat & somalian - nobody likes somalian men, huge foreheads, shitty lips etc. Up until this generation no somalians even dare to go out with any1 who isn't a somalian, I do not know ANY somalian boy with any girlfriends. usually somalian marriages are set up - they dont go out on dates and shit! so what hope do I have! fat, smelly, no talent and somalian NO WOMAN would EVER even think of me in a sexual way. I am socially Inept, awkward with no charisma (as you have probably gathered) I have nothing to offer any1, I feel as if I will NEVER be happy, but I can never talk to any1 about this because they will think I am pathetic because my situation isn't so bad, isnt the EXTREME like some form of fucking famine or war or rape or some bullshit, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF PEOPLE SAYING "What about those poor people in africa" I DON't CARE ABOUT THEM, WHAT ABOUT ME, NOBODY CARES ABOUT ME, I know its selfish BUT FOR ONCE I WISH I COULD FUCKING WIN, BE SUCCESFUL, AND LOVED.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 25,Oct,10 15:34

First thing you have to do is quit feeling sorry for yourself. You have to like youself before anyone else can like you. If you overweight get off you ass and do something! It's easy to blame others for making you miserable but if you like yourself. It won't matter! Get a grip!

By The Grey Area at 26,Oct,10 03:20

omg how do I get rid of this

By anonymous at 26,Oct,10 03:34

Anyway I could contact the moderators to get rid of my post :f

By anonymous at 27,Oct,10 12:02

Dude, you're rich. Get a super computer and gaaaaame ~ Friends will come when you have gaaames to play with. That is when you bond. Better than those after your money >.>

By Peach at 27,Oct,10 13:01

About your mom- wether it's a marriage for money, you should be grateful to her and make sure you return what she have done for you. If it's not for money-just don't worry about that so much.
As for polish girlfriend. Yes it would be quite strange, because Poland does not have much immigrants and there are like 99.9% of white ppl I think. But hey, it's England and everyone usually forgets the stereotypes, so I would say-Just try telling her that you like her. Maybe she likes you too, but has no idea whatsoever.
About hating yourself. Well no one is perfect. If you need to slim down, you have to set a goal and go for it. It's up to you basically.
I'm sorry for commenting in this casual way, english is not my mother tongue...
Best of luck to you, hang in there!
By anonymous at 28,Oct,10 04:35


By anonymous at 28,Oct,10 15:06

Don't assume that no girls will find you attractive, you don't KNOW that! Besides, we're all wrinkly & hideous in old age - you better have something more to offer a girl than looks anyways, ya know? My advice is that you should work on you, forget what you may think are everyone's expectations of you, learn to embrace who you are & to be comfortable in your own skin. We can't all be who we want, but you can be who you are. I hope happiness finds you, peace & hugs :-)

By anonymous at 30,Oct,10 01:10

Dude, your fucking SOMALIAN! Get ripped, get in shape, and take a shower. Put some cologne on and start mackin on the girls. And like the previous post says, girls mainly care about what you are like, not what you look like. Become confident and assertive and you will have no problem with the ladies. Also, exercise greatly helps confidence and self-esteem (not to mention the sex appeal ;). Also, don't feel guilty that your mom married a rich white guy. You should honor her decision and make it worth while by becoming happy and successful. She made her choice, and you should respect that she did it for you. Finally your cousins from Somalia are coming down! That is awesome. Now you got a possy and you need to show your town whats up. Show them what Somalia is all about and make your nationality awesome. Peace.

By anonymous at 02,Nov,10 13:56

dude u say somalian like its a bad thing. That means you will be accepted by blacks. People dont know what race i am. They cant tell if im arabic or spanish or white. Be grateful dude you wouldnt want to be in my shoes.

By anonymous at 05,Nov,10 11:09

All these responses you have got here are great. I am a girl and i can tell you i don't care how a guy looks if he has self esteem and confidence. Not to forget physically fit men. And you being Somali is not something you should let people look down upon you for! When your cousins come, show them love and acceptance and quit looking at your nationality like its a bad thing. And your mum is awesome, make her proud!

By at 15,Apr,11 20:49

That's raelly thinking out of the box. Thanks!

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