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alittle love

Posted by love doll at October 9, 2010
Tags: 2010 October  Relationship

Somedays I drive around wondering if there is more to life then this... The man I had a child with wont marry me. We drive around while he stares at hookers like a hungry wolf. As much as I wish he would look at me like that, I feel bad because I have no job yet, even though I just had my baby two months I am compared to all his ex's and to make it worse one of them was better looking and younger. I am taking an online class and just recently found "a" job so that I can prove to this man that I am marrying material. I still feel like a big loser. I have to beg for sex. This is only a fraction of my issues, but all i ever wanted was a little love, but I dont think this is. So I hear how bad other people have it and I wonder if I'm just complaining. I might just wake up tomorrow and dump his ass, but is being a single mom worth it again... yes been there and done that before.. which is another reason he says i'm not that much of a catch. The funny part is.. hes fat, old, has 5 other kids with two other women that hate him and hes ugly. Ohhh the irony.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 12,Oct,10 08:55

r u crazy? y do u need to beg him?
now that u got a job just leave him & who the hell is he to tell u that u r not a catch. ask him to just f**k off. get out of that mess & u will def find a person who will love u as u r. this jackass is just insecure of u leaving him thats y he tells u this shit & crap

By anonymous at 20,Oct,10 11:18

for fuck sake girl, hes ugly and fat? ewwww feed him to those hookers. you are probaly much better off, sex should come with love, if u beg i see no love there. you understand? and other kids, basically hes a slag. forget him, move on, unless your still in love with him?

By anonymous at 29,Oct,10 06:35

leave him, leave him, leave him, i never heard of a woman begging for sex but you should still LEAVE HIM to rot in the hell HE created for himself. i'm a guy who hasn't had sex for 7 yrs, nobody gives a hoot about the fucktard that i am but losers like your bf seem to have no problem hookin' up, find the mistake FUCK!!!

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