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Posted by Z at October 4, 2010
Tags: Bad Luck  2010 October  Unemployment

Heres my life in a nutshell. i am 18. my mother never looked after me because she had depression and my father left me on the year 2000. he was an alcoholic.
i went to colledge and was bullied by everyone in the class, except for two or three people. i left college, then my mother died of brain cancer (which i will most certainly die of cancer because it runs in our genes). I tried to find a job, but there are no jobs. i have another problem but it is very personal and i prefer not to say. I got 20 bucks and my dog. at least i can see my dogs shining hopeful eyes and feel good.


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By anonymous at 08,Oct,10 01:31

hope ur not trolling, in case ur not do u have any relatives that can help u
By Z at 13,Oct,10 17:13

i have no relatives and i wish i was trolling. Still, I feel fairly happy despite whats happened. life is a treasure, no matter how hard it is. we only get one shot so we should try our very best.

By anonymous at 08,Oct,10 10:53

Maybe you have relatives, cousins or friends who can help you. You can't let that stuff affect you. I am without a job too and applied to many places and I followed up too. Make sure you followed up to the places you applied to. You have your dog that's good, they say having pets is like therapy. if you believe in God, pray and ask for mercy.
By anonymous at 13,Oct,10 17:11

I dont care about god. you have to be your own person in this life my friend. most of my family died of cancer.
my dog is my everything.

By anonymous at 09,Oct,10 23:24

First - Hundreds of THOUSANDS of Americans are out of work along with you.
Second - You don't have cancer yet
Third -Most fathers, like me, that have a shitty wife drink to drown it out at times: more than you want to imageine.
Fourth - Wait things out.

By the way, how the hell does somebody get bullied in college???!!!
By Z at 13,Oct,10 17:10

first - i am aware
second - that is true.
third - he pretty much made my mom ill...
fourth - i dont have much to lose so sure.

i was bullied because of that personal reason, which i will not talk about. i am currently sorting that out.

By anonymous at 10,Oct,10 23:18

you know what your problem is? you grew up in an alcoholic family structure where you were taught it was wrong to express your emotions. that is why you have trouble with relationships. whether or not you want to admit it, you may be a co-dependent. most adult children of alcoholics become co-dependents. whether that be the case or not, you are suffering self-expression issues. untill you learn to assert yourself and let people know that you don't like what they do to you, you will constantly be in an emotional prison. seek help.
By Z at 13,Oct,10 17:07

you are a strange person...

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