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I'm a dick and I deserve what's coming to me

Posted by Yellowish at October 4, 2010
Tags: Attitude  Loneliness  2010 October

So I moved to Canada and said goodbye to all my friends to live with my aunt and uncle. That was the GOOD part... Compared to what happened.

My friend who moved to Texas is a depressed guy with heart problems, I have no friends due to me being socially awkward and my co-workers are estranged by me. My friend and I agreed that he would visit so we can do a rap album, but I changed what we we're going to do so now my best friend, the only guy who ever understood me, hates my fucking guts. My ex-girlfriend who had sex with my friend who moved to Texas is sister-sister with my sister so I don't talk to her anymore. I have this odd volatile temper and hurt my aunt and uncle with my irritation and frustration. I'm losing my beliefs due to my sinful nature. I have a masturbation problem and probably an eating disorder. My red-hearded friend is my other best pal who is having a great life in college and has a great relationship. In fact, almost all my friends are in great relationships.

Sum it all up, I'm losing my God, I'm a horrible nephew, I can't stop playing with myself, I don't have a girlfriend, I don't have friends, my co-workers are creeped out by me and all my friends are having great, well-deserved lives while I'm not in school, watching my life crumble in loneliness and I deserve all of it and deserve no pity or sympathy.


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By anonymous at 07,Oct,10 16:19

i have the same problem for years since i was 12 and my life sucked as well, used to masturbate 4-5 times a day, a couple months ago i started cutting it out,at first i couldnt last 1 week without it, now ive been clean for over a month and 2 weeks and plan to keep it. The key is you have to talk to god daily, ask him for help, stay connected with him, keep yourself busy. My life hasnt really got better i guess i havent finish paying for my sins, but i intend to continue, i do feel a lot better about yourself, or at least you are guilt free

By anonymous at 08,Oct,10 05:12

you seem to know what your problems are but you don't seem willing to do anything about them.

By anonymous at 08,Oct,10 11:09

I am sure you can get a girlfriend and that will probably stop your masturbation problem. Also that other guy was right, pray to God for your sins. I know it takes Alot of discipline. maybe your hormones are too high. you must resist temptation, don't let it control you. I suggest stopping very slowly. Like stop masterbating for just a day, then two days, then a week, then two weeks and so on. You also need to control your emotions. Your hormones can get your angry also. Learn to be nicer, say nice things to people, complement them, ask them how was their day. Maybe your temper has gotten to you because you were hurt. I was like that then I learned go just let go of those feeling of resentment, hate and feelings of betrayal. I just forgive and forget.

By at 13,Jun,11 15:07

Got it! Thanks a lot again for helnipg me out!

By matzcrorkz at 05,Aug,14 22:48

mooRCc Major thanks for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

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