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sad lonely fat girl

Posted by prettie sad at September 2, 2010
Tags: Appearance  Loneliness  2010 September

I am ugly, fat, and look like a monster. I have a spouse who havent taken me on a date ever, dont set the mood, not romantic. I have two teenage sons and they feel because i am fat lonely sad and always in the house that i need to make friends to get out. Its been so many years since i felt love in my life and heart. I cant even throw my fat ass at no one because they dont want my smelly ass. I set up late night watching tv wishing someone loved me like they loved the character in the movie. I tried going to the club by myself for motivation but nobody talked to me. I just stood there by myself and really didnt have enough money to get a shot. My tits hang to my stomach and the fat from my stomach covers my private and my calfs are fat full of water retention that i cant wear certain shoes. I trie to look pretty sometimes but nothing looks good on me. I dont have anyone to talk to in my family and i do not have a social life. I lost my job and im supporting everyone with my unemployment checks. I can't barely pay the bills which i am behing in the phone, cable, and PGE. I am trying to move but i have no money to relocate to a cheaper city in CALIFORNIA. I feel that no one loves me and they all look at me with discust. It seem like I cant make my boys happy they seem like there never satisfied. I never had help I always had to do things on my own. I wonder what it feels like to be loved, cerest, lust after. I trying to loose wait but no one here gives me any motivation or support, when there in need to turn to me and I always have to be the strong person. Sometimes I WANT to take the easy way out. My mother use to beat me, humiliate me in front of guest having everyone laughing at me. She treat me like shit, I had to raise myself and I dont understand why I am living this life of misery, this life was mistaken for me. I am a big fat saly chubby face monster. I am a looser and failure with no existing talent. I'M A WASTE to human air. So tired of crying, everyone is sleep and my feet itch from being crusted.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 15,Sep,10 15:20

have you consider losing weight? could be the solution to all your problems, and the good thing is that even though its difficult its something you CAN do, must people cant fix their problems no matter what they do

By anonymous at 15,Sep,10 17:58

have you consider of losing weight?? and i if you dont do it for people do it for control your life, and as for your mom just ignoree her and take care of your kids, you dnt need nobody to lve you, dnt gt me wrong people do gt lonely sometimes as a young 22 years old male like mom used to tell me when life beat u up just put a pair of jeans on and slap life back...the poin is lifes get harder everyday and its up to you to change tht..if you ever feels like talking you can write me at

By at 16,Sep,10 09:48

:(. It's so hard when you have had a childhood of abuse. I pretty much had to raise myself as well. So I know how hard it is to always be the 'strong one.' And I know that sometimes making friends can be difficult when you've been through that situation.

Also I think that no matter how ugly/fat someone is they can dress and groom in a way that makes them look attractive. Presentation is really important to how people see you. It doesn't even have to be expensive, just target stuff, but things that will suit your body type. I'm sure that there is something that you will look beautiful in.

I'm not going patronise you by asking if you have considered loosing weight, but you should know that it is pretty much garenteed that you will lose weight if you eat healthy and exercise a lot. But then, I don't know that much about your situation. Just try not to give up on weight loss, even if it feels impossible and you have tried it a million times.

Also, you sound like you in a pretty hopeless position. Maybe you should try seeing a doctor/therapist about your situation. It might give you some perspective.

Never forget that people love you.

By Zoe at 04,Oct,10 12:41

Like you, I am overweight. The only time I have been able to lose weight was when I joined Jenny Craig. I had to stop because it got too expensive but I'm hoping to restart soon now that I have a better paid job. Why don't you give it a try? Do you have a spare room that you could rent out to a boarder to raise some money? Do you have stuff you can sell on eBay or in a gargage sale, like kids toys, books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, kitchen stuff you never use? It's amazing the crap that people will buy. Join to get free stuff. How old are your kids, are they old enough to work, even part-time at McDonalds or Subway? If so, make them earn some money and pay their way at home. It's not harsh, it's teaching them about real life. Watch Oprah and Dr Phil (I'm being serious here), their shows have helped me so much over the years. Life sucks a lot of the time, I know, but we have to keep fighting on the off chance that it might improve. Lastly, get yourself a cat or dog. I have three cats and they have given me so much love and affection. I think if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be bothered to keep going.

By anonymous at 08,Nov,10 15:04

At least you have a spouse, and a family. I lost my husband, lost my job, and got cancer all within three months. If that doesn't make someone depressed, I don't know what will. Get up, walk, walk, walk, eat only good foods, and care about yourself. NO ONE else will do it for you. No one gives me motivation. There IS no one to do it. I have to do it for myself. I have to care enough about what I accomplish. DO NOT depend on anyone else. Do it because YOU love yourself.
You gives a damn if anyone else does. That is where you have to be strong.

By anonymous at 10,Dec,10 19:40

hey you, NEVER think you are a waste of anything,i want to talk to you, i,m interested in what you have to say, wake up tomorrow, look at the sun and say to yourself "my life,my time and goddamn it i,ll do it my way" sod everyone else,this is YOUR world,YOUR life, make it happen,dont let anyone put you down,never give up :-)

By at 10,Dec,10 20:00

hey you, if you want to talk then talk to me, i,m in england so if i dont reply straight away dont worry, i,ve been through the mill and lost everything and i mean everything but i will NEVER give up, life is too precious, hold your head up high and be yourself xxx

By anonymous at 22,Dec,10 09:04

Read Susan Powter's books, they will help you.
You need to educate yourself about diet, nutrition, and food. It is very important to make this change.
Also, is you're not getting any exercise, try to start walking every day, just do what YOU can, and don't give up. Things can change for you, I promise.

By anonymous at 17,Mar,11 16:13

You aren't a waste. You know why? I don't know you, but I know that you are probably one of the most compassionate, caring people that ever existed. You are sensitive to the needs of others almost instinctively, I'd bet. You have the gift of helping others to the extent that you have given up yourself. Although society would have you believe that being sterotypically "attractive" is the answer to being happy, remember this: Mother Theresa never graced the cover of Playboy, but she was one of the most noted and loved human beings ever in existence. Ok, so maybe that's a little extreme, but in a world as cold as ours, a glowing beacon of love is always a a beautiful sight.

By anonymous at 25,Mar,11 22:01

Jesus Christ and the Bible are your only answer. Read the Bible- start in the New Testament and read on. email me if you need advice-

By anonymous at 20,May,11 12:56

I read ur stiory and my question to u r Y r u downing yourself, You are your most valuable treasure and if you dont care for yourself who in the hell will. I feel depressed at times but I cant let myself go for nobody cuz as long as u have life you have hope. Its bad enuff when people degrade you but for u to degrade urself its ashame.
Your body is a temple and to reflect the outside u need to do some work on the inside first. Love yourself and work out ur issues cuz at the end of the day they r ur issues ur dealing with and nobody is gonna do it for u.

By anonymous at 07,Jul,11 20:01

find yourself a good old hopeless romantic chubby chaser like me who just wants to hug and cuddle all your self image problems away :)
email me at if you need someone to talk to

By anonymous at 17,Jul,11 11:01

Why are your feet crusty?

By anonymous at 11,Oct,11 16:15

My feet are so crusty can you help me pleeeeeease!!

By at 25,Apr,12 23:52

you know what screw what people perceive love your self the rest will fall in place. I would like to get to know you.

By sad and lonely at 25,Aug,12 12:08

in my group of friends im the largest and the one who has the smallest boobs. Im also the only one without a boyfriend i feel like a complelte monster. i cant bring myself to physically look at myself in the mirror, i feel like in repulsive. im not the most attractive i cake on the make-up so i can at least have a hope of getting somehwere in life. i hate my job, i hate my college im so thick and im just a waste of a life my whole life is me spent sleep and crying over the fact that im alone. whers my knight in shininh armer? he ust have got lost and forgotten about me. i dream of a life where im an ideal woman when in truth there is no such thing im just wasting my life being a miserable bitch when i could be out there enjoying the little things in life

By Narendra at 13,Sep,12 13:06

Traci has definitely hleped me. Over the two years I've been seeing her, she has seen me in all kinds of moods and with all sorts of things going on in my life, and she has somehow always known the right thing to ask, just the right question. She has never failed to be on my side, that is, on the side of my growing and strengthening. I'm grateful.

By anonymous at 21,Nov,12 01:12

Stop complaining and do somethibg about it

By anonymous at 21,Nov,12 01:15

Read or watch a movie calked (the secret )by looking ur Article you are only attracting the negative stuff Intoo your life , you haven't said anything at all positive in ur post .why don't u try thinking positive thoughts and maybe good stuff will happen for u,by breing negative u are only atracting bad energy

By nick crorkz at 07,Apr,15 09:26

kuUraU I enjoy, result in I discovered just what I used to be taking a look for. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

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