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No matter how you try, you're still fucked

Posted by becky at September 1, 2010
Tags: Health  Money  2010 September  Society

I am 39yr old mother of 2, (18 &21) my 18yr old was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes Type1 at the age of 12, (misdiagnosed strep throat)imagine that, misdiagnosed by a professional!! It attacked her pancreas, she has had to have several surgeries on different parts of her body due to it's just not functioning right,and she is insulin dependent!! Now that she graduated from H.S she is trying to go to college, and wouldn't ya know it, cant get a loan!! Can't get anywhere from FASFA beacause I'm not below the poverty level!! I'm nowhere above it either!! My husband lost his job due the wonderful economy, bills had to get left behind because I had to pay for her medical supplies to survive,and to keep a roof over her head!! The lovely STATE OF WISCONSIN would NOT give me any assistance to help with her medical bills or supplies. And now my credit is RUINED! Can't get a loan!! I bust my ass everyday, pay my taxes, pay her medical bills because of some asshole doctor misdiagnosed her!! No matter how hard I work, or how many hours I put in, I can not get this girl the education she wants and strives for because colleges have to be so F'ing expensive, but yet you can't get a job now a day without a college degree!! Where the hell is the sense? So yes, I'm a little pissed. I think our world sucks!! I think we get ripped off, and I'm really fucking tired of it!!! As far as I'm concerned, The Government can kiss my ass!!!!!!


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By anonymous at 14,Sep,10 14:15

how about to get a lawyer and sue the doctor?
By anonymous at 14,Sep,10 16:24

I soo agree with you..The way things are now is ridiculous.
How are you supposed to "live" and not just "exist" these days?? Jobs are a rarity, especially a good one. So, even if your lucky enough to land a decent job,(which you prob won't get unless you spend 50,000 on a degree, or more!) you have to work 2 just to be able to get by. Most jobs out there are shit though..very demanding, yet don't pay shit, and have shit benefits..if any. Then, prices of everything go up, up, up. Gas is a joke, doctor and hospital visits are unbelievably expensive..I won't go to a effin' doctor again unless I got a bone sticking out of my leg! I don't get it anymore..I just know something has got to give or this nation is F***ED. I don't see any way a normal person can get anywhere without being in a shit load of debt for the rest of their lives(unless they're rich)'s really sad. We are slaves to the money, then we die..just like the song says.

By Thomas at 14,Sep,10 20:06

come to the sout and to Georgia i have MS and the state is ofers subsadized house for low income families. i get my hose form the government and we going to get a new governor in the state which I hope it is Barnes. I am alos on medicade and madicare you should alppy for and your but she will ned physical before they will aprove her. I had when was 11 after my lost her job and isurence and I now 38 and still on it. I have no job. My comouter was gift and so was my internet. Kings Packing plant in Bremen Georgia is hiring and The Honda transmission in in Tallapoosa georgia is hiring and you make $15.00 and hour and the honda plant and over 5 year you make $17.00 a hour so come and get the Honda job noe high school diplomia or college degree needed.

By anonymous at 14,Sep,10 21:07

Declare that you hate the USA and move to Mexico. Then cross the border illegally and you will get free housing, free health care, free food stamps, etc.
Claim that you are a worker from a foreign country, such as India, and you will get one of thousands of H1-B or L1 visas and get a really high paying AMERICAN job (from Microsoft or IBM, etc.)

By anonymous at 02,Oct,10 18:52

Even if you are not below the poverty line, FASFA can still help get your child through college. I should know, I just graduated from college. She should be able to get Stafford Unsubsidized Loans and work studies programs. Many people have also paid their way through college. It can be tough to balance work and college work... but if it were easy, in the end you would not appreciate your degree/"first real job". I wasn't able to get into the college I wanted to go to but I was still able to go to a respectable in-state university and landed a good job afterwards.

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