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Posted by Clam17 at October 19, 2009
Tags: Appearance  Loneliness  October 2009  Relationship

i just graduated, i have no friends and im not in love with my boyfriend, every friend i make i lose, im ugly, i cant get a job and ive been on the computer for 6 yrs straight becuz i have no friends and nothing to do.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 21,Oct,09 15:19


I HAVENT GRADUATED and i have wasted 6 years of my life in college only to have completed 1 year of it. YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL THAT YOU HAVE GRADUATED.. LIFE IS FULL OF OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOU.. ENJOY IT BIA..

By anonymous at 22,Oct,09 22:23

maybe you have no friends because you are always on the computer. try going outside and see some sunlight for a change of pace in life......Oh look i think a light just went on.

By anonymous at 25,Oct,09 17:20

Why don't you get some virtual friends/girlfriend

They are easy to get, easy to change, can be molded to exactly what you want, and you can mold your virtual self to what they want

Then you can spend the rest of you life lying in bed with your laptop !

By anonymous at 11,Nov,09 10:19

First of all, please don't think you are ugly! There has to be something or somewhere about you that is NOT change your hairstyle maybe, try new make up style...just try something to find the better looking side of you. You said you are not in love with your bf, how does he treats you? If he treats you bad, dumb him...if not, just get along..after all, its better to have someone nice to you than none. Try reconnect with some ppl you know in the past, if that is no good, make new ones. Or have you given up in making new friends? In that case, go out and don't expect to make any friends, just be nice to people. Maybe do some volunteer work if you can't get any job and who knows, you will start to have friends and a possibility for a future job.

By anonymous at 13,Nov,09 17:55

nobody's ugly,,,,,noone.

By anonymous at 18,Nov,09 23:50

Being lonely does suck but you're not in high school anymore you're in the real world so get out and enjoy it. My adivse drump the guy, there are so many others that u might really love also limit your PC time and spend the rest living life. Besides its YOUR life live it like you want

By anonymous at 07,Dec,09 11:35

i was like you i did not have any friends to but all you need to do is talk to people but ya that dose suck and if you say you are ugly thane you are

By anonymous at 08,Mar,10 05:42

IM GRADUATED...and i have the face..but no friends no girflriends (im anti socials but I WANT TO SOCIAL, IT SUCKS) also like u. in front of the comp..doing nothing..jacking off to free porn (well i hope u dont). i try to find a job my place these chinks really hate my they wont give JACK 2 a boy like me..

my skin is turning super white cuz i hardly go out..whiter than my mother..other kids play sports..i play my dick..z.z its pathetic..really pathetic. i hope i die cuz jacking off too much till my balls explodes and go to heaven. amen.

By Foge at 15,May,17 02:00

"Boy Racers" isn't what I'd call them, I'd call them teaergens with cars. Hrrm maybe you should make your kids work for thier car as in buy it themself so then more care would go into it, thats what my mum does with me. If i want to get a car i gotta pay for it.But fuck that i say, i ain't forking out for gas.

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