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Dead Family

Posted by Ryan at July 18, 2010
Tags: Failure  Family  2010 July  Money  Unemployment

I'm 30 now. My life has always been an adventure. I'm an only child, only grandchild and only nephew. My step sis since I was two, died in 2009, jan. My dad died in 2009, june, my step mom died in 2009, dec. I lost my whole family in one year. I had my first daughter in 2008. I have 7 felonies. I just about have an associetes degree in business management now. but no job and no money. My lady has a great job and three boys. I have nothing and she hates me. Ive raised these boys and my baby for the last three years. My dad was rich and he died 6 months before my stepmom so all his millions went to her. she died six months later so it all went to my peice of shit step brother who they banned to Arizona for not taking care of his autistic daughter who my step sis was raising and now the court against all I said, placed her with her real mothers parents who sexually molested her mom for her whole life. I can't protect my neice or any fam. Have no money, and can't look out for my own, have no job, and no way to make money. I'm the degfinition of loser and can't help any of the limited fam I have left. I can't deal anymore and I can't pay bills. I've lived the life of any normal wishing person traveling the whole country. But now that I want to do right I can't even help. I quit drugs even though weed was my life, and my lady won't even sleep with me. I just want to blow my head off everyday. I hang in ther for my daughter and hope life doesn't get worse. Now I'm bout to go to jail for buying stolen tools I didn't know were stolen from a friend who just did ten years. I get sentanced in 3 days. What the fuck did I do, the prosecuter said she only charged me because I had a record. I cooperated and still I go. I don't get it. All the kids I tell what not to do and no life of my own answering to a woman who hates me while I raise her children. I hate modern america, men stand up and fight because we lost this shit while yall rich a holes were being assholes. I have no future and no past to be proud of, I don't know what to do next I tried it all. I almost have my degree, but no money. Thanks shitty world. It only gets worse when I mention that I'm native american.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 24,Jul,10 14:13

2 late bub you should have played safe
By anonymous at 13,Aug,10 11:22


By anonymous at 25,Jul,10 09:15

the Great Spirit is always with you .. Take this life as a test my friend.


By anonymous at 26,Jul,10 19:51

hang in there an hope 4 the best!!

By anonymous at 27,Jul,10 21:29

Buy a cheap motorcycle. You never see a bike parked out side of a psychiatrist's office. Ride the bike. Hit the road, and live for the moment. It will happen.

By anonymous at 27,Jul,10 23:29

This is a troll story nobody's life can be this fucked up.
By anonymous at 23,Jun,13 22:46

yes it can

By anonymous at 29,Sep,10 13:01

Don't give up you'll make it. Pray . The power of prayer is powerful even if you don't believe in God.

you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to your
     mountain, "MOVE!" and it  WILL move... and NOTHING will be 
     impossible for YOU!
                                                                                      - Matthew 17:20

By cbd washington dc at 28,Sep,20 11:08

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